3M Pocket Projector MPRO120

Product Description

The 3M™ MPro120 Pocket Projector is a next-generation handheld, battery-operated projector. Whether you’re making an impromptu business presentation or sharing photos with friends, the MPro120 allows you to project images and videos on almost any wall, almost anywhere. Images can be displayed on-the-fly from computers, netbooks or MP3 players, iPods, iPhone and digital cameras. Project image sizes from 8” to 50”. Built-in speakers provide sound. The energy-saving LED light lasts 20,000 hours and provides up to 12 lumens of brightness without ever needing to change a lamp. Features a robust battery life of two to four hours (enough to watch a full length film). The MPro120 is ready to use out of the box and comes with Computer and Video Cables, a protective bag, re-chargeable battery, a table-top tripod , a universal power supply, and a 1 year warranty. The optional adapter cable for Apple products (iPod, iPhone, iTouch) helps you easily connect to share pictures and videos with friends and family. Best of all, it fits in your pocket.

Product Features
  • VGA image and 100% color gamut gives the user one of the highest quality images of any portable projector currently available
  • Two integrated, half-watt stereo speakers help transform the MPro120 into a self-contained presentation device for entertainment or business application
  • Projects eight to 50-inch still or moving image stored on a video capable pass-through device(e.g.MPR3 player, laptop computer, ect.)
  • Uses Liquid Crystal on Silicon(LCOS) technology for superb image quality and minimization of component size.
  • LED light source with 20,000 hour life means the unit is environmentally friendly and there is no need for a replacement bulb

Technical Details
  • Brand Name: 3M
  • Model: 78-9236-7713-8
  • Hardware Platform: PC
  • Display: LCOS projector
  • Minimum Image Size: 6 inches
  • Maximum Image Size: 3.2 feet
  • Minimum Screen Distance: 1 feet
  • Maximum Screen Distance: 6 feet
  • Display Resolution Maximum: 640 x 480
  • Audio Output Type: None
  • Width: 2 inches
  • Depth: 4.5 inches
  • Height: 0.9 inches
  • Weight: 5.6 Ounces

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